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Xfire funny stories

-LoVe|mininoob LD
-LoVe|mininoob-: :D
Lost*Wife: :D
-LoVe|mininoob-: why L is that near to double dot
Lost*Wife: dont know
Lost*Wife: u have to click on it
Lost*Wife: to see full name
Lost*Wife: of topic
-LoVe|mininoob-: where to click
Lost*Wife: on the topic haha
-LoVe|mininoob-: lol
-LoVe|mininoob-: i dont get bc i am in this tpic
-LoVe|mininoob-: anyway nice so all topucs in section are show UP
Lost*Wife: what do u mean dots?
Lost*Wife: xD
-LoVe|mininoob-: like in macOS or linux ubuntu
-LoVe|mininoob-: :
-LoVe|mininoob-: : < dots
-LoVe|mininoob-: dot above other dot
-LoVe|mininoob-: or dot below other dot
-LoVe|mininoob-: :
-LoVe|mininoob-: dots
Lost*Wife: mini
Lost*Wife: u are confusing me haha :D
-LoVe|mininoob-: i mean dots i mean more than 1 :D
-LoVe|mininoob-: two dots near L
Lost*Wife: where?
-LoVe|mininoob-: on keyboard
Lost*Wife: what L
-LoVe|mininoob-: key
-LoVe|mininoob-: lkjhg
-LoVe|mininoob-: qwert
Lost*Wife: xDD
-LoVe|mininoob-: sometimes i type LD instead of :D
-LoVe|mininoob-: and this piss me of :D
-LoVe|mininoob-: thats my story
Lost*Wife: hahah :D
Lost*Wife: ah ok :p
Lost*Wife: lmao
Lost*Wife: now i understand haha :D
-LoVe|mininoob-: :)
Lost*Wife: sorry im slow atm :p

"One fine day in the middle of the night,
Two dead boys got up to fight,
Back to back they faced each other,
Drew their swords and shot each other..."

The Man Who Wasn't There

Hahaha Big Grin i was really confused xDD

oh Gosh... :facepalm:

I miss old times Sad

[17:18] Laura: Wifeeeee
[17:18] ->Lost*Wife: yes Smile
[17:18] Laura: Hi
[17:18] ->Lost*Wife: hey :p
[17:19] Laura: How r u
[17:19] Laura: Its been so long :o
[17:19] ->Lost*Wife: haha Big Grin
[17:19] ->Lost*Wife: good Smile
[17:19] ->Lost*Wife: and yeh
[17:19] ->Lost*Wife: been ages :p
[17:19] Laura: Yeh
[17:19] Laura: Soo
[17:19] Laura: How r u
[17:19] Laura: Been years now
[17:19] Laura: Sad
[17:19] ->Lost*Wife: i feel great Smile
[17:19] ->Lost*Wife: and i know right?
[17:19] ->Lost*Wife: its like
[17:20] ->Lost*Wife: i dont know
[17:20] ->Lost*Wife: it has just been hard laura
[17:20] ->Lost*Wife: all these years without u...
[17:20] ->Lost*Wife: its like being without air
[17:20] ->Lost*Wife: i had problems breathin laura
[17:20] ->Lost*Wife: its all for u
[17:20] Laura: I understnd beidah
[17:20] Laura: Its been too long
[17:20] Laura: Awww
[17:20] Laura: Awwwww
[17:21] Laura: Awwwwwwe
[17:21] ->Lost*Wife: haha Big Grin
[17:21] Laura: Wife
[17:21] ->Lost*Wife: yes hun
[17:21] Laura: I've waited
[17:21] Laura: So long
[17:21] Laura: To tell you smth
[17:21] Laura: I cant
[17:21] Laura: Just cant
[17:21] Laura: Keep it in
[17:21] Laura: I nust tell you
[17:21] Laura: How are you? Smile
[17:23] ->Lost*Wife: is that it?
[17:23] ->Lost*Wife: is it laura?
[17:23] ->Lost*Wife: that thing u wanted to tell me?
[17:23] ->Lost*Wife: is it how are u?
[17:23] Laura: Nop
[17:23] ->Lost*Wife: be honest laura
[17:23] ->Lost*Wife: what is it?
[17:23] ->Lost*Wife: tell me
[17:23] Laura: I llove you wife
[17:23] Laura: I can't hide it
[17:23] Laura: I love you
[17:23] Laura: Omg
[17:23] Laura: I need to shout it to the world
[17:23] ->Lost*Wife: laura
[17:23] ->Lost*Wife: i cant believe it
[17:23] ->Lost*Wife: do u know how many years i have been waiting for this?
[17:23] Laura: Me either
[17:24] ->Lost*Wife: omg laura
[17:24] Laura: Its a miracle
[17:24] ->Lost*Wife: i love u too Smile
[17:24] Laura: Atleast I came for you Smile
[17:24] ->Lost*Wife: laura im so happy Smile *tear*
[17:24] ->Lost*Wife: do u want to marry me?
[17:25] ->Lost*Wife: do u laura?
[17:25] ->Lost*Wife: please
[17:25] Laura: Yes I do
[17:25] ->Lost*Wife: tell me fast
[17:25] ->Lost*Wife: Big Grin
[17:25] Laura: I do!
[17:25] ->Lost*Wife: <3333
[17:25] Laura: <333

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