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*sigh* You obviously didn't understand what I said at all.
monkey and style didn't have the same IP, they were simply connected to the same datacentre.
A router allocates a certain dynamic IP address to people who connect, so it is likely they would once in a while get an IP address in the same subnet.

You also said you followed monkey since 2009. You can't follow monkey. There is a cheat out there that makes you rename to monkey and you can't change it. I have seen many different monkeys.

I can't calculate what you want. But they both come from Tallinn which is the capital and largest and most populated city in Estonia as you can see on the following picture:
[Image: 800px-Estonia_population_density.png]
So if you ask me how big the chance is that an Estonian person lives nearby them I would say. The chance is more then average.
(Historical fact. It's also the oldest capital city in Northern europe.)

I also don't understand how you connect monkey with Style and A$D. They don't even use the same internet service provider. They have never and will never be in the same subnet. The internet service provider of the IP's of monkey you posted is Infonet. Style's and A$D's internet service provider is Starman....

How can you even remotely think they are the same?

Someone is wrong indeed... I do agree with that.

Why are you trying to teach someone with one braincell. That brain cell is busy keeping the person awake it hasn't time to learn ! Just let him dribble and be frustrated that someone is better at the game than him/her.

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