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applying for the clan

1. For how long are you clanless? like 1-2 years
(You have to be clanless at least 2 weeks)
2. Your/s names in quake? Verg1L/ DarkKnight
3. How long have you played quake 3? i dont remember since 2007
4. Why do you want to join us? i wanna learn better and i want a team to play with
5. Your xfire or msn? darkknight199108
6. Any past clans? NWO and 1 more i forgot name
a) Why did you leave the clan/s? it was dead
7. Have you ever cheated? nope, cheating kills the fun of this game
8. Where are you from and how old are you? india and 23 on 8th oct
9. Put some good screenshots of you. My PC was formated, i will post soon
10. Do you have headphones? nope, Loud speakers
11. Is your English good enough to be active in forums? I guess so

Hiiiyaaa Big Grin

Try to be active on forum and game to catch a few games with us. Remember to take ss and post them here to see ur progress.

Good luck!

hey you. stay active try catch the wind or Fun wars / be nice and keep cool blood Smile let see what you can do on area. ofc more offline you are longer time you will spend here ( in your application ). make good / bad SS and post it here ( in your topic ). let play TEAM deathmach game Smile if you become inactive let Us know.

"One fine day in the middle of the night,
Two dead boys got up to fight,
Back to back they faced each other,
Drew their swords and shot each other..."

The Man Who Wasn't There

I don't know you dude, but good luck here Smile

well you have a lot to learn, but gl.

[Image: quake10.gif]

Good luck Smile

thnx guys... ima try to post screenie

screens? anything? slowrail values? something...? are u alive?

[Image: quake10.gif]

some people like to live slow :p

lmao !

ps: gl Wink

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