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1. For how long are you clanless?

A) A long while. I honestly lost track, I've been away from quake for a while. I promise, it has been far longer than 2 weeks. (prolly closer to a year)

2. Your/s names in quake?

A) Some variation of Hawk, or just something totally random.

3. How long have you played quake 3?

A) I've been on and off, but I'm closing in on a decade with a load of vacation time. (Xfire says I have over 1000 total hours)

4. Why do you want to join us?

A) I wanted to get back into some old games, and I found out I still have Quake backed up in like 5 different locations. Besides, what better way to enjoy to quake than to have an organization to be apart of?

5. Your xfire or msn?

A) Profile name is Ph33rPhazon, the nickname is currently TigerHawkins.

6. Any past clans? A few past clans. I was in one that was called aXe, I was in yooc (2k8-2k12), LoQ, and a leader at royal badass.

a) Why did you leave the clan/s?

A)Honestly, they all became inactive and/or died. I don't clanhop.

7. Have you ever cheated?

A) No, I have never cheated, but in my good days in public servers, I was accused of hacking because heaven forbid, I could actually hit a target.

8. Where are you from and how old are you?

I'm an American living in the USA. I am 21 years old.

9. Put some good screenshots of you.

My screenshots are old, but here they are:

10. Do you have headphones?

A)Yes. if I am on the computer, they are either on, or around my neck while im being talked to.

11. Is your English good enough to be active in forums?

A) I like to think my English is quite exceptional. I am sure I can communicate with other people if they are also speaking English and know what they are saying.

hellow..i dunno you, but you have nice screenshots, i know some guys who where in RB team, but keep topic alive and maybe we can get some scrims together...can u tell me what is ur average ping in EU servers?

[Image: quake10.gif]

fair enough. i can do that.

btw, nice screenshots :p

[Image: quake10.gif]

Hi, nice app. Got just one question, ping won't be a problem for you ?
[Image: loveclante5.gif]

Nice to see you here. I hope that you will manage to become integrated in our clan. Good luck mate. Smile

ping will be something I will adjust to. I play tons of other games on European servers almost exclusively. It can't be that hard to adjust.

Hiiiya Smile good luck!

(09-09-2013, 03:40 PM)TigerHawkins Wrote: ping will be something I will adjust to. I play tons of other games on European servers almost exclusively. It can't be that hard to adjust.

A bit off topic is my question - what kind of games? Are you in some team with these other games?


[Image: quake10.gif]

yeah. Biggest team game I'm into is Dota 2, and I play that almost only on European servers (I get lag problems in America for reasons unknown to me, and most of my friends are European.

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