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sup love

FYI what happened with KZ:

1) sublime was very inactive in the end, as he said (only now) he can play only one weekend or something like that;
2) his attitude was somewhat a problem in combination with language - sometimes he raged / quit after first map, often did go afk in the middle of the scrims which pissed us the most and finally due to language barrier it was always not clear what was the deal after all...

Otherwise he has a skill, only now i see why sound was an issue - he dont have hp...

we got it , thanks Smile

ggs guys
[Image: 128826270-3.jpg]
[Image: 128826285-3.jpg]
[Image: 128826286-3.jpg]

you where really good on dm6...dm13 was totally a disaster...for all of us

[Image: quake10.gif]

Gg for dm6 sub.. And if you more follow & more tw, i think that you can become a good element. see ya Wink

i hope that my health gets better soon...i really want to play at clan training with you (in the same team)

[Image: quake10.gif]

It is not very good what what you shows us at the moment. Jaxdm8, it is almost of the 2v3, that your teamwork is well kept silent die too fast and we find ourselves fast in 2 vs 3. You miss completely this map. Dm8, you still have difficulty, it is not really good too but it is a little better that jaxdm8. I hope that you are going to prove us that you can do much better. The positive point, it is your teamwork but there is a lot of negative points : your level (may be your pings don t help you, i know but i want a better level), your accuracy ... but gg sub. Smile

[Image: 920967baker7.png]

[Image: 905928baker8.png]

was actually sleeping in those games

you have nothing to say here right now spirex I guess Smile

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