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1. Leave bma .
2. um3k , p1oneer
3. Idk Big Grin , 8 years maybe Tongue
4. I have friends in this clan Wink ,and You play nice Tongue
5. xf: umc1o
6. bma, d&c,xclussive,I'm, eCf ,dM ...
7. No.
8. Poland ,27
9. Pls watch my xf Tongue
10. Yes :d
11. My English is bad Sad

Hiiiya Umek!

Nice to see u posting and I wish u good luck as it would be nice to play with u again just like we did in I'm Big Grin

Remember to stay active and post ss of recent scrims.

Hi mate, please try to post a lot of ss here because we are too lazy for go on your xf... You need more practic english language for tw, and for understand others members ! Otherwise welcome here and gl mate ! Smile

siema... strzel mnie na xfire pogadamy Big Grin

hello nice to see you. lets talk on xfire and take a few games Smile btw still you play without mouse pad? X)

"One fine day in the middle of the night,
Two dead boys got up to fight,
Back to back they faced each other,
Drew their swords and shot each other..."

The Man Who Wasn't There

Thanks Tongue . Yes,I still play in my mouse pad Tonguep heh

noopek,Ty jestes ciagle offline na xf !

Good luck Smile

[Image: 128770430-4.jpg]

[Image: 128702264-4.jpg]

[Image: 128581804-4.jpg]

[Image: 128523578-4.jpg]

[Image: 128322120-4.jpg]

last SS .

Looks good umek, ggs Big Grin

[Image: 128818679-4.jpg]

in french, a medicament name umeks, lol gl mate

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