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LOVE CLAN CLOSED!!! - mininoob - 10-12-2013

Hello. Sadly i have to say so LoVe clan what keep playing quake 3 since 2006 gona be CLOSED and inactive from NOW. it wos pleasure playing with all of you side by side. I wos here alone when ppl starl leaving i stay and i wos hope so old members will back and everything will be OK. this not happend only wife and style back and big THX for you so you do this but as all seen this wosnt enough, so now i wont sit here forever and wait. i also quit LoVe clan where i wos in 3 long years.

as CO-LEADER i want give permision to RE open CLAN to basta ar3s alca1d Virgo and amigos So its done.

if you ask me why not tortoise or flesh i simply will said. They are newest member and T and i think you shuld not have that permision.

I think its good time to do it NOW.

tortoise flesh have nice fun on area under diff tag than LoVe.

btw i also gona change colours and tag.

RE: LOVE CLAN CLOSED!!! - Tortoise - 10-12-2013

Hey i totally understand your points and it would almost be wrong for me to take control since i wasn't even in the clan back when everyone played more. I waS H$, and I came to help Love keep strong as its the only original clan left from since my memory of starting playing. Its a shame it won't stay but thats how it is, and the previous members that were my opponents back some years ago, have now left the game as I did and I can agree and see that I don't think they want to come back.

Thanks for letting me wear the tag and relive some memories Smile

RE: LOVE CLAN CLOSED!!! - amigos - 10-13-2013

Its over so yes thanks all for 7 years !

RE: LOVE CLAN CLOSED!!! - ShruikaN - 10-13-2013

it is sad. i hope you guys will be active someday

RE: LOVE CLAN CLOSED!!! - c0s!nu$ - 11-12-2013

omfg, love is dead, i am so tired to heard this.

I will always keep love tag because this family give me so many good times..
you will always miss me..

BB Love, You will miss me